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Costing & Budgeting

Armada ERP Budgeting & Costing module supports you with the background and the calculations necessary to easily figure the markup that is right for your business.

Armada Costing & Budgeting Solutions

Have a control in Expense incurred by your company for labor, material, equipment, financing, services, utilities, etc., plus overheads and contractor’s profit with the help of Armada ERP Budgeting & Costing module

Our Core Values

Costing & Budgeting Software

Unmatched accuracy, no room for error. Reconciliation Made Easy. Comes with smart reconciliation tool. Audit differences between your accounts and bank statements. Match most of the invoices automatically and quickly.

Costing & Budgeting Software
Fast and Reliable / Assets and Revenues

Easy to input information without wasting any time. Time Efficient. Fast & easy user interface. Reconciliation Made Easy. Track assets, depreciation and generate amortization entries automatically.

Costing & Budgeting Software
Invoicing & Payments

Create professional invoices and easily track payments. Manage Net Receivables. Automatic generation of invoice. Bill Payments Easy Payments Get clear reports on customer statements. Supports multiple payments.


Speed up business accounting process. Print checks in batch in few clicks. Reduced data entry. Manage Expenses

Costing & Budgeting Software

Have complete history stored in your database. Manage Net Receivables. Manage Expenses. Get forecasting of expenses done. Support your payment flows with optional validation steps.

Costing & Budgeting Software
Stay Updated

Stay organized and know where you stand financially at any time of year. Gets business intelligence reports. Create your dashboard by assembling custom reports. Mobile Accessible. Registers Etc. Generate Employee Pay-slip.